Sea Shanties & Songs of the Sea

We make no claim to be proficient in all these songs, but have had a good go at most of them.

All for me Grog
Antiguan Graveyard
Back Home in Bristol
Banks of Newfoundland
Barrett’s Privateers
Being a Pirate   All
Ben Backstay
Bimini    R
Blow the Man Down
Blow Boys Blow
Bold Harpooner   N
Bold Riley   J
Bonnie Ship the Diamond
Botany Bay
Bully in the Alley   R
Bury me When I Die
Cadgwith Anthem
Camborne Hill
Can’t Hold a Good Man Down
Cape Cod Girls
Carry them Home
Chicken on a Raft  N
Cornish Farewell Shanty
Cornish Lads
Cornwall my Home
Cousin Jack
Crossing the Bar   R
Deep Blue Sea   R
Dogger Bank   J
Donkey Riding.
Down by the Dockyard Wall   J
Down to the River and Pray
Drunken Sailor  All
Drunken Scotsman
Eerie Canal   R
Fiddlers Green
Flash Company   J
Johnny be Fair.
General Taylor   R
God Moves  J
Good Luck to the Barleymow
Greenland Whale Fishery
Grey Funnel Line   R
Haul Away Joe  C
Hanging Johnny
Heart of Oak   C
Itches in me Britches
Jack was Every Inch a Sailor
John Kanaka      All
Johnny be Fair
Johnny Come Down to Hilo  R
Keep Hauling  N
Kingston Town
Labouring Man   N
Last Bristolian Pirate
Last Shanty (Sailor ain’t a Sailor)     R
Leave her Johnny
Leaving of Liverpool  R
Lifeboat Girl
Light from the Lighthouse   R
Little Eyes
Little Pot Stove   N
Maid of Amsterdam
Maid on the Shore
Maggie May    C
Mary Ellen Carter   N
Mingulay Boat Song   N
Mollymauk   J
Nassau Town   R
Nelson’s Blood    R
No Hopers, Jokers & Rouges
North Sea Ground
North West Passage   N
Off to Sea
Old Maui
Old Fid
One More Pull   N
Paddy Lay Back   N
Pay Me My Money Down   C
Pleasant and Delightful    J
Plimsoll Line  C
Pull Down Below
Randy Dandy
Rattling Winches
Retirement Song    N
Rolling Sea    J
Run Come See
Sailors Prayer    C
Seven Drunken Nights
Shiney O     R
Shores of Botany Bay
Song of the Worlds Last Whale
South Australia   C
Spanish Ladies     C
Strike the Bell    R
Sugar in the Hold    J
Take this Hammer  R
Ten Thousand Miles    R
The Ebeneezer  C
Three Score and Ten
Wellerman  N
Where the Codfish Grows
White Squall
Wild Mountain Thyme   J
Yarmouth Town   N
Initials indicate Shantyman or Lady